Learn Online

Since the success of our Onsite Course has led to over-subscription, many distant learners have been unable to attend because of this or due to a lack of education funding and travel grants. Therefore we have designed an online version, which allows access to a far wider audience. The purpose of this Online Course is to provide these individuals and others with access to the latest information, designed to maintain and increase knowledge across the wide range of topics involved in the treatment of CF, thereby enabling participants to provide improved patient care.

All modules must be completed and as you progress through the modules, you will be tested to ensure a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding has been achieved. On completion of the course you will get a certificate of cystic fibrosis training with endorsement from the European Cystic Fibrosis Society.

The fee for this online course is £600 for clinical staff and £1100 for industrial personnel. Bursaries are available in some cases, please complete this form, or contact us for more information. Upon successful payment of course fees, you will have three months within which to view all presentations and complete the assessments to earn your certification. After this time you will no longer have access to the paid resources.