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The online course was launched in 2012 as many people interested in the onsite course were unable to attend because of funding or time.

The online course is almost the same as the onsite course in content; however it is lecture based as group work is not possible.

The course is divided into modules, similar to the themed days on the onsite course. All modules must be completed and, as you progress through the modules, you will be tested to ensure a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding. On successful completion of the course you will be able to download a certificate of CF training which has been endorsed by the European CF Society. Delegates will be able to print off a slide set for each talk, in total these will form a course manual similar to the onsite course manual. At the end of three months delegates will have enhanced confidence in the care they provide for patients with CF – children or adults.

  • On payment of the course fees you will have access to the online course for three months. During this time you will be able to view the lectures and complete the assessments.
  • All lectures are in English and delegates from other countries are most welcome to sign up.
  • Delegates must have at least one year of experience working in cystic fibrosis.
  • There is a written transcript of each lecture available in Russian. This can be downloaded and followed along with the lecture.


Speakers are experts in their areas both nationally and internationally.

Faculty are from:

  • The Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK
  • Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK
  • University Hospital of South Manchester, Manchester, UK
  • The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital, Liverpool, UK
  • University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland
  • University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium
  • Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA


Current speakers

Penny Agent

Penny has worked at the Royal Brompton Hospital since 1996 and is Director of Rehabilitation & Therapies and Laboratory Medicine. Her specialist interests in CF include complex disease, NIV, end of life care and airway clearance. Penny has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally. Penny is co-editing the revision of the national ‘Clinical Guidelines for the Physiotherapy Management of CF’.

Ian Balfour-Lynn

Dr Ian Balfour-Lynn has been a paediatric respiratory consultant at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London since 1997. He is their Director of Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis. He is Chair of the Cystic Fibrosis Group of European Respiratory Society, and the Paediatric CF representative on the Specialised Medicine CRG.

Christian Benden

Dr Christian Benden is the Medical Director of Lung Transplantation at the University Hospital Zurich and a Reader in Respiratory and Transplant Medicine at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Dr Benden completed his paediatric training in Hannover and London. Dr Benden is a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT), and a former Chair of the ISHLT Scientific Council on Paediatric Transplantation. He is Associated Editor of "Pediatric Transplantation” and Editorial Board Consultant of “Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation”. Dr Benden's research interests include clinical aspects of lung transplantation, particularly in children and adolescents, experimental aspects of chronic lung allograft dysfunction, and cystic fibrosis lung disease.

Mandy Bryon

Dr Mandy Bryon is a consultant clinical psychologist and Joint Head of the paediatric psychology and play services at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London. Mandy has worked as the psychologist for the cystic fibrosis team since February 1990. She lectures extensively within the UK on psychosocial aspects of childhood illness, particularly cystic fibrosis, to professional and parent audiences. Mandy co-founded the UK Psychosocial Professionals in Cystic Fibrosis Group and currently organises the International Psychosocial Special Interest Group for the European Cystic Fibrosis Society. Mandy has researched in many areas of the psychological impact of childhood illness, particularly sibling relationships, adherence to treatment, attachment, eating disorders and body image disturbance in cystic fibrosis.

Siobhán Carr

Dr Siobhán Carr is a consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine at Royal Brompton Hospital. Siobhan graduated from St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School in 1988, she undertook the majority of her paediatric respiratory training at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital with some time spent in Sydney, Australia. She worked as the Paediatric CF Centre Director at The Royal London Children’s Hospital for over 14 years before moving to The Brompton. Since May 2013 she has worked as Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at The Royal Brompton Hospital. Her areas of expertise are Primary ciliary dyskinesia, Cystic Fibrosis, Non-CF bronchiectasis and immunodeficiency. Siobhán has presented to national and international audiences at Cystic fibrosis conferences for many years and been involved in cystic fibrosis research.

Jane Davies

Jane Davies is Professor of Paediatric Respirology & Experimental Medicine at Imperial College, London and Honorary Consultant at the Royal Brompton Hospital. Jane has a major interest in airway infection and early airway inflammation, leading a CF Trust Strategic Research Centre on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, as part of which collaborators are researching novel detection methods suitable for young, non-expectorating patients. She co-leads the site at the ECFS Clinical Trial Network through which they are engaged in many trials in the current pipeline. In an effort to accelerate the inclusion of younger children in trials once safe and effective agents are identified, she has been working on the standardisation of lung clearance index, a sensitive measure of pulmonary health in early disease.

Stuart Elborn

Stuart Elborn is Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College London, and Director of the Adult CF Centre, Royal Brompton Hospital and Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast. His clinical and research interests are in cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis. His research group is focused on identifying new targets and diagnostics in suppurative lung disease developing better therapies for treating the underlying defects in cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis.

Susan Madge

Susan is an Associate Director of Adult Cystic Fibrosis and a Consultant Nurse at the Royal Brompton Hospital. She is both adult and paediatric trained and has worked with children and adults with CF since 1984. Following a Master’s degree, Susan completed a PhD at University College, London. Her areas of interest and research include adolescence, fertility and pregnancy, quality of life and end of life issues. She is involved nationally and internationally in various aspects of CF care.

Helen Parrott

Helen is the Associate Director of Rehab and Therapies and a CF specialist physio and has worked with adults with cystic fibrosis at the Royal Brompton CF centre since 2006. Her areas of interest are the asymptomatic adult, pregnancy and medicines for inhalation. Helen has been the chair of the International Physiotherapy Group for physiotherapists working in CF and has a keen interest in developing innovative services which promote the extended roles and expertise of the AHP. More recently, Helen has completed quality improvement work and an innovation fellowship and is using this experience to help co-design future care models with people with CF.

Nicholas Simmonds

Dr Nicholas Simmonds graduated in medicine from the University of Nottingham in 1999 and subsequently gained a doctorate from Imperial College, London. The topic of his thesis was long-term survival in CF with a focus on the factors that contribute to this, including CFTR function variability and environmental (non-genetic) factors. He was appointed as Consultant Respiratory Physician and CF Specialist at the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2010 and also holds an Honorary Senior Lecturer position with Imperial College. He continues to research determinants of long-term survival in CF, including a study of gene modifiers, and is a member of the International Study Group of Ageing in CF (ISAC). His other main specialist interest is the diagnosis of CF in equivocal or atypical cases. He has extensive experience of nasal potential difference measurement and is a member of the European Diagnostic Network Working Group. He has published widely, including original research in peer review journals, review articles and book chapters.

Alan Steel

Dr Alan Steel is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospitals, Honorary Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, London. Alan qualified from University College London in 1996 and undertook specialist training in Gastroenterology in North West London region. He was awarded an MD from University of London in 2009, and was consultant and governor of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital until 2017. Alan's clinical expertise is in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, GI disorders in Cystic Fibrosis, therapeutic endoscopy.

Guy Thorpe-Beeston

Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Chelsea and Westminister Hospital, London, and has an honorary consultant appointment at the Royal Brompton Hospital. He qualified from Cambridge University and subsequently subspecialised in fetal medicine, completing his thesis in 1991. He has a specialist interest in high-risk pregnancies and co-ordinates the obstetric care of women with cystic fibrosis.

Colin Wallis

Dr Colin Wallis is a Consultant Paediatrician in paediatric respiratory medicine at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH), joining the respiratory team in 1993. Dr Wallis has a specific interest in the care and management of children with chronic lung disease, in particular cystic fibrosis, and the child with long-term ventilatory needs, and is the respiratory representative on the GOSH NSCAG tracheal service. He is chairman of a UK working party looking at the needs of the chronically ventilated child and was awarded an NHS Health Technology Assessment grant to review the current status of paediatric long-term ventilation in the UK. He has also been awarded funding to evaluate the early changes in CF lung disease from the CF Trust together with researchers at the Institute of Child Health. He has published over 125 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of several chapters in leading paediatric respiratory texts including the diagnostic aspects of cystic fibrosis.